Policy Council

The Policy Council is a governing body of concerned parents and community people.  Policy Council consists of 51% parents of currently enrolled children.  The other members must be drawn from the local community.  The Policy Council representatives are elected at the first Parent Committee meeting of the program year.

The Policy Council:

  • Meets on a monthly basis (3rd Wednesday of each month unless other wise noted);
  • Assists in planning and coordinating agency-wide activities for parents;
  • Assists in the interviewing process of new hires;
  • Assists with and encourages parent participation in the program;
  • Serves as a link between public and private organizations;
  • Initiates suggestions and ideas for program involvement;
  • Has approval responsibility before a decision is finalized or action is taken;
  • Elects officers for the Policy Council:
  • Is responsible for keeping the individual Parent Committees informed of the actions of the Policy Council.

Reimbursement is available for travel and child care.

Current Policy Council Members:




 Belle Center 1 Nicole Harvey * Bonnie LaRocque *
 Belle Center 2 Ashley Flynn * Kayla Coursey
 Butte A  
 Butte B Amber Raber 
 Butte C Katie Fox Terry Gieb
 Butte D/2  
 Butte E Sean Mets * 
 Butte 1  
 Harding County Sammie Ginsbach * 
 Bison CenterBridget Keller 
 Perkins EHS Emily StormJenaya Lockrem
 Lemmon Center Travis Maier 
 Oglala Lakota/Bennett Co. 2  
 Oglala Lakota/Bennett Co. 3Laura Seirra 
 Community Representatives Jessica Carr *Georgia Amiotte *

* Indicates that a member has been voted on and seated to the Policy Council

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Policy Council
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